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Company Profile

Nattokinase, Natural All-Trans Vitamin K2 (MK-7)
Manufacturer and Product Solution Provider in China

SungenBio, an Innovation-driven fermentation expert focusing on the research of peptide drugs and biological fermentation technology.It is the only quality management demonstration base for natto physiological active substance (Nattokinase,natural vitamin k2,y-PGA,etc.)in China.

Sungen Biotechnology Park is located in Shantou Free Trade Zone, an area covered 68 acres including Biotechnology Research Institute covered 5600 square meters, class 100000 clean areas covered 10000 square meters and quality analysis management center covered 650 square meters. SungenBio has set up a research and development mechanism that combines independent innovation and industry-university-research cooperation, with a R&D and quality management team of more than 80 experts.It is equipped with more than 690 international advanced equipments, and has set up "three-level quality management system", small test and pilot test line that meet the requirements of GMP standard.National Green Bioengineering Center is currently under construction.

Research strength

Strains Collection Center with more than 6200 strains

· High yielding strains of paclitaxel ST026
· Bacillus subtilis natto ST188
· Recombinant hirudin patented strains

4 Scientific Research Platforms

Strains Collection library and strain optimization technology platform Multi-element dynamic control high-density fermentation technology platform Downstream multi-stage membrane separation and purification integration technology platform Pharmaceutical preparation research and development technology platform  
Invention Patents

58 Domestic and Foreign Invention Patents, About 20 New Added Application for Patents

Invention Patents
International exclusive fungi fermented paclitaxel —Fungxol® China invention patent No.ZL 2004 1 0069347.8;
International invention patent publication No.WO 2006/009518 A1;
U.S. invention patent publication No. US 2007/0218531 A1;
European invention patent No.EP1781773
Self-create innovation anti-cancer drugs—Alternol™ China invention patent No.ZL 2005 1 0105664.5;
International invention patent publication No.WO 2006/036131 A1;
U.S. patent publication No.US 2009/0203775 A1;
European invention patent No. EP1794142
The world's exclusive original invention patent technology—Hirudin™ Production of Hirudin Mutant Hv2-Lys47 and Its Specific Expression Vector and Strain
A Method for Production of Recombinant Hirudin
Extraction and Purification of Hirudin Mutant and its Application(PCT Patent Application)
Nattokinase A Nattokinase Oral Emulsion and Its Preparation Method Pharmaceutical Use of Nattokinase
A Nattokinase Enteric-Coated Granule and Its Preparation Method and Application
A Composition for Improving Cardiovascular Function and Its Preparation Method
Method for Producing Nattokinase (PCT Patent Application)
Vitamin K2 Bacillus Subtilis Natto and a Method for Purifying Methylnaphthoquinone-7 From The Bacterium
Stable Vitamin k2 Oral Submicron Emulsion and Its Preparation Method
Special Food for Reducing Blood Glucose in Diabetes Mellitus
A Special Medical Food for Improving Liver Function and Its Preparation Method
A Special Medical Food for Vascular Calcification of Chronic Kidney Disease and Its Preparation Method
A New Strain and Its Application in The Production of Vitamin k2 (PCT Patent Application)


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